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On this page will find information which may help improve your understanding of World of Tanks.

    Based on advice from many clans and the combined experience of the Clan's Officers…

    For Skirmishes and Clan Wars.

    For Tier 6 games the weapon of choice is the British medium tank, the Cromwell (or it's Premium brother, the Cromwell B).

    For Tier 8 games the Russian heavy tank, the IS-3 (or it's Premium variant the IS-3A) have been favoured for a long time. The recent addition of the Object 252U / Defender and the 50TP Prototype has challenged the IS3's supremacy. The Progetto 35 is also very popular.

    Whatever tank you pick, make sure you have a fully trained crew with good crew skills. Also, be aware that the enemy will be using premium ammunition nearly all the time - so you may want to stock up on "gold" ammo too.

    Most importantly, do not engage in a team battle unless you are on Discord and are willing to follow the directions of the nominated Battle Commander.


    Joining a platoon with one or two friends can be beneficial as both a learning experience and fun. Also, by being in a platoon you will get extra XP and credits and may win special medals such as Brothers In Arms and Crucial Contribution.

    Again, being on Discord when you platoon can be a big help. But if you do use Discord don't sit in the Common Room with others who are playing different games as this can be confusing and annoying. Move your whole platoon to one of the other folders, e.g. Platoon 2.

    Money Makers

    Without doubt, the tanks that make the most credits and XP per game are tier 8 premium tanks. Though World of Tanks is allegedly free to play it is worth investing a few Euros in a tier 8 Premium. Which one you have depends on your play style and what tanks you already have.

    It is also recommended that you keep some tier 5 and tier 6 tanks to make easy extra credits - they seem to get a bit better match making. Recommended are the Cromwell, KV-85, ARL44, AMX 12 t, MT-25, T37, 59-16.

    General Choices

    Many clans advise to start off by grinding the Russian and French lines up to Tier 5/6 (maybe a few up to to tier 8). They also suggest that from tier 6 onwards stop grinding Light tanks and focus on Medium and Heavy tanks.
    Concentrate on unlocking heavy tanks and light tanks up to tier 6 or tier 8 because by doing so you will unlock the most modules such as radios, guns, engines etc.

    If you like fast reloading tanks you may want to consider:
    Tier 5: T-34/KV-1 with 57mm equipped.
    Tier 6: M4A3E8
    Tier 7: Panther M10; SU-152 with top 122mm; T-43.
    Tier 8: Pershing
    Tier 9: T-54
    Tier 10: T-62A

    Depending on your play style and preferences, worth considering are the IS-3, AMX 50 100, T32, AMX 13-90, T-54 ltwt, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, Object 140, T-62A.

    Premium Tanks

    Why spend money when you can play for free? It seems odd that someone who plays on an XBOX or Playstation will happily pay a fistful of Euros to buy games for their console every few weeks, yet PC owners resent making a contribution to the development and upkeep of one of the best online games.

    There are advantages to owning a few "Pay To Play" vehicles.
    • They earn 50% more XP than their free equivalent.
    • They earn 50% more Credits than their free equivalent.
    • They are cheaper to repair (so more credits saved).
    • You can transfer crews from other tanks and use them for fast grinding of crew skills (Shihan has 7 German Medium tanks that are all using the same crew).
    • Sometimes you can get a Premium tank with special characteristics that the tanks on the Tech Tree don't have - See PzIIJ, KV-220-2, E25, KanonenJagdPanzer, Skorpion, M56 Scorpion, Super Pershing, to name but a few.
    • Some Premium tanks are just fun to play - See LeFH18B2, TOG II and, again, the PzIIJ etc.

    There are many events which give you the chance to get rare, exotic premium tanks at discounted prices, such as the Christmas Advent Calendar, Black Market etc. Keep an eye on the WoT web site.

    Premium Account

    It is well worth the expense to have a premium account. Again, a premium account will give you 50% more Credits, XP and Crew XP than a free account. Your training will be faster, your bank balance will grow and you will move through the lines to tier 10 faster.

    If that isn't enough, having a premium account gives you three extra (relatively easy) missions every day that awards you bonds, XP and credits and has a savings account that gives you up to 750,000 credits a week.

    Keep an eye out for special offers when you can get a premium account at a discounted price (usually you can get a year of Premium Account at a low price during the December Advent Calendar event).
    Clan Battles (e.g. Skirmishes, Clan Wars etc.) are different to solo play in random battles and require a more serious approach. You are not just playing for yourself but for all the other members of the team.

    Below are some guidelines for a players in these events.

    Be courteous and respectful to all players, both your own team and the enemy. Remain honourable on the field of battle.

    Communications are essential, which is why Discord is mandatory for these events. There should only be two people talking (at the most) at any time during a battle. If you are asked a question by the Battle Commander, answer swiftly and to the point.

    Listen to the Battle Commander at all times. If you YOLO on your own you are hurting your team. One less gun in the fight could be the difference between victory and defeat.

    Thoughts and opinions are always welcome. More ideas about a situation are a great thing for a good Commander to have. However, there are only 30 seconds for the Commander to make a decision for the opening moment of battle. If a Commander needs thoughts or ideas, he/she will ask.

    Clan battles are not meant to grind tanks. If you do not have all the modules for a tank or have an untrained crew, don’t bring it. That could damage the team effort. Do your grinding in Random Battles or Platoons.
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